रविवार, 8 दिसंबर 2019

Three Information to users

Thanks for installing our App. Three Information to users , who have installed Gatyatmak Jyyotish android app...........
1. Avail Free Subscription
Even if you pay by clicking the payment link, No amount shall be deducted from your account. you may avail daily & yearly forecast till Dec, 2020 free of cost.
2.Create you own Promo Code
You may create your own Promo Code (in stead of forwarding other's Promo Code) by going to menu-->Share--->>To your family and friends; to accumulate Gatyatmak points and avail the benefits in future.
3. Contact Us for other services
If you want to avail other services e.g. consultation, prepatioin of graphs, purchase books, please go to menu, click on 'Contact Us' and fill in your details. As payment options are not operational now therefore availed points can not be redeemed now.

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